If you’re a unicorn this one’s for you. In case you’re new to the terminology, a unicorn is a woman who joins in as a third during sex with an established couple.
Many polyamorous couples successfully enjoy finding and participating with unicorns. A few things to keep in mind when planning a romp as the mythical unicorn:

Communication is key

Be curious and ask a lot of questions. Know exactly what they’re looking for and just as importantly, what they aren’t. Discuss everyone’s boundaries as well as desires. Getting everything out on the table ahead of time alleviates any awkward or unwanted moments and ensures that everybody gets to have some fun.

Set some ground rules

Three’s company, right? Every participant needs to set their rules and know the rules of everyone engaging. Make sure you’re clear on their rules before diving in.

No man (or woman) left behind

We all get caught up in the heat of the moment, but it’s important to make sure no one feels left out when things get hot and heavy.

Check in

Some things may get hard in the process but communication shouldn’t be one of them. Make sure you check in from time to time and see that everyone is still having a good time.

Establish an exit strategy

Are you spending the night? Are you leaving afterward? Is this a one night thing or are you entering into the relationship?

Above all else-don’t forget to have fun!