The recent rise in popularity for adults seeking a digital detox and the nostalgia of summer camp got us thinking… Hedonism II is totally like an adult summer camp, if by summer camp you mean a sunny slice of paradise where you can enjoy all your hedonistic desires with people from all over the world who come together with the simple desire to pursue pleasure and live life to the fullest.

But let’s take it back, back to the summers when we were a kid.

The school year was over and summer was finally here. Time to trade in books and homework for 2 months of fun at summer camp. Sound familiar? These days, we may be trading in heard-earned vacation days and our smartphones for the fun of 2 weeks at the world most iconic adult playground, however, some things remain the same. Summer camp, like a trip to Hedo is always something to look forward to. If its your first day, you might nervously wonder, “Will I make friends?” “Who will I meet? Will I have fun?” and by the end of your stay you won’t want to leave. Here are 7 other ways Hedonism II is just like summer camp!

1. Arts & Crafts

If your favorite part of summer camp was weaving friendship bracelets and making macaroni art, you’ll be surprised to learn you can get your arts & crafts fix at Hedo. Between painting one of our famous rocks and putting together the perfect toga outfit, you’ll have plenty of chances to show off how creative you are!

2. Bug Juice

What would summer camp be without the sugary fuel of powdered drinks? We skip the kool-aid but with several open bars pouring top-shelf cocktails you are sure to find a sweet concoction to get you feeling juiced. Try guest favorites like our Dirty Banana or Jamaican Delight!

3. Watersports

At Hedo, there are many ways to get wet but for those that seek a little liquid adrenaline we offer an unforgettable aquatic playground that includes several pools, hot tubs and watersports like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, catamaran cruises and more!

4. Messhall

Less of a messhall and more of a gourmet dining terrace, our signature buffet offers a grand selection of local and international inspired cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our campers can also enjoy choosing from a selection of dining experiences from Asian, to Italian to an American style Chop House.

5. Quiet Time

With so many fun activities, parties and games to enjoy, sometimes you may want to take some quiet time to relax. Just like the summer camp days of yore, you can take a nature walk and soak in the sweet Jamaican sun. Discover one of our many hidden hammock hideaways and relax, its summertime!

6. Costume Dance Parties

Our shy pubescent days of boys lined up on one side of the dance floor and girls on the other may be behind us, but some things really do never change. Like looking across the dance floor at a total hottie and wondering if you’ll make it to first-base back to your room on the nude side.

7. Seeing Your Best Friends from Around the World

Just like summer camp, get ready to form special friendships at Hedo that last a lifetime. From staff that cares to friend’s you’ll meet, Hedo is your home away from home. Share special memories and experiences with your Hedo family from all around the world and after many goodbye hugs and promises to keep in touch and visit, you’ll know there is always next time!