October may be the month for goblins, ghouls, tricks and treats but at Hedo, you can be Wicked for a Week all year long. In the spirit of all things naughty, we’ve put together a list of ways you can be salaciously sinful on your trip to Hedonism II.



Cardi B costume

As the world’s sexiest playground for adults, Lust is in the air at Hedonism II. From the skin-baring beaches to the sexy dance parties at night, the titillating vibes at Hedo make being sinful feel so good.



Princess Jasmine costume

At Hedo, you can indulge in every gluttonous pleasure that you can imagine. From open bars with top shelf cocktails to the many gourmet food options available, get ready to enjoy every savory excess life has to offer.



Khaleesi costume

If all you wish to do is well…nothing, Hedo is the perfect place to sit back, disconnect and be as relaxed and possible. From the newly renovated rooms to the hammocks and the lounge chair lined beaches, go ahead and take long naps, unwind and be lazy, you deserve it!



Captain Marvel costume

From planning the perfect outfits to getting your tan on, we know you look good! So don’t be shy about it! Strut your stuff and let Pride take over as you bare it all on the beach, sashay into the Romping Shop and show off your costume at one of our many theme nights.



Pennywise costume

What is more hedonistic than excess? As an all-inclusive resort, there are no limits to how much pleasure you can enjoy. So get Greedy with the good vibes and sleep in, dance till late, eat as if calories didn’t exist or fulfill your fantasies as much as you want to.


Pennywise costume

At Hedo’s stretch of paradise on 7-mile beach, there isn’t much to be Wrathful about. But if there is one thing we know first-time Hedo guests are often mad about is that they didn’t come sooner!


Pennywise costume

With every desire fulfilled, the only thing you’ll envy are the guest arriving as you check out. Luckily, you can use our Sexy Specials to come back soon!