In addition to the usual host of irresistible temptations, this fall brought out the best in adult only resort events. Now is your chance to see one of the most imaginative ways to leave little to the imagination—the Black Tape Project 2014. In this tantalizing workshop, the voluptuous and the minimal came together as the human body is accentuated by wearable designs crafted by nothing but the seductive lines of black tape.

The Black Tape Project attracted the most exquisite of emerging and established models. In the BTP, the usually stark lines of black tape were used less as a censor and more as a sensual framing, a tantalizing work of art inspired by the shapely curves of the models that wore it. As memorable as the designs are, the bodies underneath are even more unforgettable. The freedom of an adult only resort is the perfect place to appreciate how much the Black Tape Project can do with so little!

Participants were invited to strut their stuff and compete for prizes and recognition, including the chance to have their beauty captured by famous photographers. Events included a bikini contest, costume contest, and scavenger hunt, so there were plenty of opportunities for contestants to strut their stuff!