Longing for a sexy adventure? A kinky vacation fling? We know few things are hotter than a titillating tryst at Hedo. Here are our expert tips on how to increase your chances of scoring at Hedo.

1. Don’t Have Expectations

If you have a bunch of expectations, you’ll be so focused of fulfilling them that you risk missing out on sexy encounters and good times. Instead, be open for what may or may not happen and have fun either way!

2. Be Social!

The best way to meet people is to put yourself out there! Go to shows, join in on beach games, stop by the Romping Shop and enjoy the piano bar. Social events increase your chances of meeting other people.

3. Smile!

When it comes to hooking up, confidence is key and one of the best ways to show of your confidence is to smile! A warm smile is inviting. Don’t underestimate the power of a friendly smile A smile can open doors…among other things.

4. Get Lubricated, Not Drunk

Don’t be that guy. Sloppy, loud, slurring, close-talking. As a matter of fact, getting wasted is a sure fire way to strike out.

5. Don’t Be Pushy

Be cool. Pushy isn’t confident. Remember #3? People like confidence. Pushy can also be creepy, so don’t hover.

6. Have Fun!

Hedonism II has so much to offer. From gourmet food and dining, to relaxing spas, water adventures and more! Fun people attract people, so get out there!

And always remember, “no” means no.