5 Ways to Hook Up Like You’re at Hedo This Valentine’s Day

Sure, you can spring for the chocolate, roses and champagne dinner, but for an extra spicy Valentine’s why not recreate Hedonism’s sexy vibes back at home? Set the mood and watch your holiday get red-hot with these 5 ways to hook up like you’re at Hedo!


1. Get Feeling Irie

To really capture the feel-good vibes of a Hedonism II trip, you must relax! Get into the Jamaican spirit by taking the day off, sleeping in, turning off your phones, hiring a sitter or whatever else you can do to maximize the relaxed atmosphere.


2. Get a Good View

Hedo Room

Whether its on the ceiling or propped up near your bed, pay homage to Hedo’s infamous ceiling mirrors by recreating the effect in your bedroom and take advantage of the view later on 😉.


3. Drink Like a Local

If you’ve been to Hedo, chances are you’ve enjoyed a delicious rum cocktail. As the islands favorite spirit, many of our most popular drinks are rum based. Visit our blog for tons of cocktail recipes and bring the taste of Hedo home!


4. Set the Mood

Candle on the beach with a sea shell

Swing by your favorite grocery store and purchase a beach-scented candle. Not only will this bring the sweet and salty scents of the Caribbean Sea indoors, candlelight helps set the ambiance as well!


5. Get Naked!

Pennywise costume

Finish setting the scene by dropping trou and getting naked!

Follow these easy 5 steps to create a Romping Shop of you very own right at home! Add the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to the evening and visit out Sexy Specials page to book your next trip home!