As an all-inclusive, clothing optional resort, you may think there’s not much you need to worry about packing. While you can leave the suit and tie back home, there are a few things to consider when packing for your Hedonism II trip. We’ve put together a list of five practical and non-essential items you’ll be so glad you brought.

1. Sunblock

hedo travel tips
Don’t let a sunburn cramp your style. Make sure to bring strong SPF sunscreen so you can have fun in the sun. Forget to bring it? Don’t worry! Simply stop by the gift shop to stock up.

2. Swimsuits

hedo nude
Don’t forget to pack a swim suit, in case you want to wear one for walking around. Putting on a wet bathing suit is pretty uncomfortable. Between the nude side pool, the hot tub, the beach, the main pool and more, it gets easy to power through your bikinis, even when you’re just taking them off. So, pack more than one!

3. Theme Night Costumes

hedo foam party
Ever dream of being a Greek goddess? What about a rockstar? Hedo invites you to slip into something sexy and join the party every night, in costume! From our Toga & Foam Party, to Hat & Heels or Jamaica night, there’s plenty of chances to razzle and dazzle with your state of dress, or undress.

4. Condoms

sex at hedonism ii
It’s always important to remember safety!

5. A Sense of Adventure

fun at hedonism
This is probably the most important thing to bring on your trip to Hedonism II. The best part is it doesn’t weigh your luggage down! We encourage you to pursue pleasure and indulge in our judgment-free piece of paradise and when you pack a fun sense of adventure, the possibilities are endless!