Do you long for a place where bedsheet togas are an acceptable choice of evening wear? Does reading the Hedonism II newsletter send your mind into total daydream mode? Does a slither of hope enter your body when you smell pineapples, jerk seasoning or coconut? Chances are you are in desperate need of a Hedonism II visit.

Here are 5 more signs you need to stop reading this blog and book today!

1. Your views are bleak and dreary, despite Spring’s recent arrival.

You thought Spring would never come, and then it did, but no one noticed. The malls have colorful attire on the racks, but you aren’t feeling it. Still too cold and miserable to bare anything but can’t help dreaming of that 3-way on a tropical island getaway. The choice sounds easy to us! Escape the misery and refresh in the sweet Jamaican sun.

2. Your tan lines are back

Your last trip to Hedo was so long ago that you’ve starting getting tan lines again! Lucky for you, we’ve got the cure! Take a visit to Negril’s spectacular, world-renown 7-mile nude beach. It’s the place where tan lines get blurred.

3. News and headlines have you cursing every day by 10 AM

No matter which side of the issues you land on, one thing we can all agree on is that the news these days is often the source of eye-rolling frustration. Hedonism II is the perfect place to lock away the phone and disconnect. You can always count on the fact that in turbulent times the waters are calm in Negril and our distractions are quite delightful!

4. Your sex life is stuck in the Spring mud

If the only place outside of the bedroom you and your partner have had sex this year was a quickie in the laundry room, it’s time to spice things up! Whatever your fantasies, Hedonism II is your home away from home, where you can passionately pursue your pleasures in paradise.

5. You are starting to fantasize about Hedo

Does the sound of your co-worker shaking their morning protein shake catapult you into visions of piña colada and umbrella drinks? Do you keep checking the Hedo website just to see what events you’re missing out on? Stop fantasizing about being here and book your trip already!