Summer 2020 might be a bit of a bust but that does not mean there aren’t ways you and your partner can beat the social distancing blues right at home. With a little imagination, creativity and a prop or two you can get that red-hot summer sizzle you’ve been craving. Yep, we’re talking roleplay. Forget the cliché nurse/patient or teacher/school girl bits – we’re digging deep into our fantasy grab-bag of kinks for 6 hot, fun and unique roleplay ideas to try this summer!

1. Work it Out

Flex your hottest moves, get each other hot and sweaty and then hit the showers with this sexy gym trainer and trainee roleplay fantasy.

Pro Tip: Get creative with squats

2. Close the Deal

You’ve been looking at houses for weeks and you finally found the one but will it pass inspection? Sweet talk your hot real estate agent as they show you around the house. How many rooms can you christen?

3. Experiment with Science

When you signed up as a test subject for a potentially groundbreaking experiment you didn’t know what the hot scientist was testing was your pleasure.

4. The Artist and their Muse

Paint a masterpiece for the ages when you replay as a famous painter and their muse.

Pro Tip: Use your bodies as the canvas

5. Porn Pros

Have a scene you both like? Bang like a pro and try a few of your favorite porn moves when you roleplay as pornstars on set of your next big flick.

Pro tip: Find your favorite clips and take direction from the screen by
acting it out!