Oh boy, we are almost there !!!!
What interesting news…if case you haven’t heard, Hedo was bought by a group of Hedo people including Jon, head of the Fluffernutters, and Kevin Levee.. It is very good news I believe since their stated goal is to return Hedo to the glory it once had…this includes a $10 million upgrade soon come…
  Sherry and I were just down there for Halloween/Anniversary and the hotel was hopping..check out the  you tube video of Jen and Randy’s prize winning song if you get a chance ! Here’s a few notes :
  Airport lounge was open..if you booked through Go Classy, your trip was already paid for..we did not need a voucher…if you booked with someone else, check with your agent to see if they have to give you a voucher or whether you have to pay there..same type of bus ride..
  AC in the disco and bar was working fine..a good crowd dancing when I took my once a trip walk through.
  Not a lot of beach mats or may want to bring a raft if you plan on floating a lot
  New piano bar player was the crazy keyboard player from Roots Explosion..he had the place rocking the night I went there
  Food was OK, seemed like fewer choices but some new flavors present
  Scumba was upstairs at dinner my first 2 nights but then was back at the nude beach bar after that..Delroy in fine spirits looking forward to the ButtCrackers and our heinie party
  Remember to bring some school supplies for the kids and some silly string for the Champagne party
  Heard about a pub crawl on Denny’s message board so I checked it out with Fox(what a surprise)..A guy (who Fox knows) picks you up at Hedo with a bus that seats 18 people and then takes you up to several ( 6-10) out of the way bars/hotels up along the cliffs.  You stay about 15 minutes at each place, longer if you like it…you buy your own drinks..beers around $3-4 each.most have mixed drinks too but the selection may be limited.  Tour lasts about 3-4 hours..we can customize it to fit our needs.  One group that will be there during Spanksgiving is doing one on Wednesday..they already have 8-9 couples so we could run one on Monday and/or Friday..we can leave anytime..I figure between 3and 4pm and be back between 7 and 8 time for dinner and the show..the driver only takes tips..If you wanted, I could collect an additional $10 per person and run downtown before the trip and get some bottles of Red Stripe/Heineken and some Ting,Coke and fruit juice for the ride up the cliffs..please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in this so I can reserve the bus for one of the days..
  Here’s our parties:
Sunday:ButtCrack Welcome Party at 6PM at the piano bar..bring your school supplies and you Heineken donations please.
Monday : Chez Mikey opening around 11PM at the main pool..colors for the night are black and white
Tuesday: Our infamous Hein-lickin’ party at the nude beach at 4pm
Thursday Parade to Sandals. at 2pm…theme is anything Thanksgiving/Christmas or whatever you want..remember no genitals or dildos to be visible’… then our Champagne party on the beach around 3:30pm
That’s all I can think of now.
See y”all soon !

Irie vibes,  Doc from Buffalo

The Hedonism II Legacy

It is to date, and unquestionably so, the most successful resort brand, with a loyal and dedicated following that spans its three decades-plus years of existence, and spawning new followers each and every day.

Indeed, the brand has been so successful, the business model has been the bane of many a hotelier not just nationally, but also on the international stage, with the latest being Mexico where a new brand of resorts have sprung up, using the model, tried, tested and perfected here in Jamaica.That brand is Hedonism II, over there in fabulous Negril. Introduced to the Jamaican tourism and hospitality market back in the day when, due to international geopolitics and the polarization and political lines of demarcation that were the hallmark of the era, Jamaica and its premium tourism product became somewhat blacklisted due to what was then seen as its flirtation with the communist block and ideology.Back then, a young tourism dynamo named John Issa put on his thinking cap, and fashioned a new resort that was shrewdly marketed as Destination Negril.Nuanced as a distinctly different destination from the troubled Jamaica, beset with political intrigue, crime and international plots and subplots, Destination Negril, which had already earned its folkloric stripes via anecdotal whispers as the vacationer’s modern utopia, with the added lure and appeal of readily available ‘weed’, and ease of manner, gave rise to Hedonism II, which was created and launched.With its marketing and promotional strategies that employed as its mantra, Sun, Sea and Fantasy, Hedonism II, was not only a brilliant intervention, it was sheer and pure marketing genius, tapping into as it did, the international need for an adult-only resort that was pretty much a fantasy playground.The resort became an overnight success.

That, was 31 years ago. Today, Hedonism II has attracted a brand loyalty that is akin to a cult-like following. That has seen like-minded vacationers bonding in groups, and making Hedonism II, an annual and/or bi-annual vacation getaway. With guests competing among themselves for bragging rights for the most return visits to the resort.

Since opening its doors 31years ago, on November 1 each year, the resort throws its anniversary smasheroni. Of equal import to its loyal guests is October 31, as guests jet in from around the world for their own Halloween party.

Double celebration Halloween & Anniversary Celebrations

And so it is, that each year, it’s a double celebration as indeed there are really two parties. On October 31 is the party for and by the guests hosted by the resort, but which sees guests engaging in friendly competition in costumes, decoration of their rooms, etc, where the winners are rewarded with complimentary holidays. And then there’s the resort’s November 1 anniversary – a fabulous affair that’s all about fun and games, culminating with the coronation of the Miss Hedonism II Queen of the Year.The motto of the resort is ‘There is No Party, Like a Hedo Party’, and it’s a saying to which those who have guested over the years will readily agree.
There are precious few resorts in the world where guests come not only to be entertained and have a good time, but they too take time out of their vacation to entertain in song, dance, skits, and mime. And even fewer where you will find an all-black rock band, in full rock concert, with a gender-bending, wig-wearing, stiletto-pumping female impersonator as its leading singer, supported by a cast of ripped and muscled Nubian princes and godlings as backup dancers, belting out songs by Led Zeppelin, Queen, Tina Turner, Aerosmith, etc, that earns a standing ovation after each performance. But so it is at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.And so it was, October 31 and November 1 represented two days and nights of nothing but fabulous partying, and fun and games at the island’s leading fantasy resort, and pumpkins, how!From the fun and games in the resort’s au naturel party-size pool, to the white sand beach, the piano bar and karaoke singalong, and the flowing libations and sumptuous fares, plus midnight buffets and beach grills and bars, we are talking one absolutely fabulous unending party here, and then some. And nothing beats winding down in the resort’s disco, where booties are shaken, not stirred, and the adventurous try their hand at pole-dancing. We are talking sensationally hot!For many, the partying was all week long, but for some others, it was condensed into two days and nights of unending hedonistic celebrations, and nothing but, with among those out for the festivities: hosts GM Kevin Levee and his stunning wife Cecile Levee; Lorna Grant; SuperClubs VP Gary Williams and Anna Williams; former SuperClubs VP Sam James Sr and Sam James Jr; George Halloway and son Garth Halloway; the charming Rose Richards; the esteemed Busha Clarke; the acclaimed restaurateur and entrepreneur Cosmo Brown; the fab Rosa Young; the dapper Bruce Spencer; the suave Steven Euker and his fabulous wife, Ann Chen Euker; hotelier Richard Bourke; the charming Karen Lannigan of Couples Swept Away Negril; her colleague, Ricardo Bowleg, of Couples Swept Away; the charming Alex Ghisays; Phillip and Patti Paxton; singer, model, and award-winning designer and chicster Ashley Martin; the always fab Serena Williams; and a host of others


There are new things on the horizons for Hedonism II

On November 7, 2012 – SuperClubs Chairman, John Issa, announced today that he has been in negotiations to sell Hedonism II to Marshmallow Ltd a new company headed by majority stockholder Harry Williams and including Jon Gross, the John Issa Family and Kevin Levee (photo left).

The group has said that upon conclusion of a deal, there will be a smooth transition of ownership with no interruption to service. All reservations and tour operator contracts will be honoured and the property will not be rebranded and will continue to deliver and enhance the Hedonism Holiday.
Harry Williams expressed his excitement, “Hedonism II is John Issa’s legacy, the concept, formation and operation has so much of him in it. It has been a long-term goal of mine to own the resort and to invest the funds needed to enhance its facilities to even higher standards. We are proud that he has chosen to consider us to continue to innovate, modernize and maintain Hedonism II as the leading resort in our industry.”
“This ownership group is ideal and should calm any fears that Hedonists have had about their beloved resort falling into hands that have no understanding or experience in this market,” said Jon Gross, CEO of Marshmallow Ltd.
John Issa added, “Hedonism II is the ultimate gem in its market, not only is the location on the seven-mile Beach in Negril ideal but it is the storied resort that all its competitors attempt to live up to. It is an important part of my contribution to tourism and I am happy to be in discussions for it to be preserved for many years to come by people that hold it as dear to their hearts as I do.”
Kevin Levee, a 28-year employee of SuperClubs and the current General Manager of the resort added, “our first goal is to bring the operation of the resort back to 100% and to this end we are immediately investing in many of the facilities”.
Marshmallow Ltd has a US$10 million renovation plan including room renovations, which will begin immediately on completion.

Coming up in December


From December 12 to 17, we heading back Hedonism II, Negril Jamaica for our wildest party of the year: BLOOMJAM 2012! featuring the sun, sea and beauty of Jamaica. Find yourself among your tribe as we take over the sultriest, most sexually stimulated inclusive resort in the Caribbean. BLOOM Themed parties all weekend, all you can drink, all you can eat and the most beautiful people from all over the globe. For one special weekend that won’t soon be forgotten! For early bird rates until April 1, go to

Don’t forget the Hedonism Community sign up: Hedonism II launched an online adults-only community for fans, past guests and those interested in learning about the resort in Jamaica. This social website offers users the chance to interact with like-minded individuals, where they can share photos and stories as well as plan trips and events with other members. To join the community, please visit