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There are various reasons you might want to get your significant other to join you at Hedonism II. Perhaps you want to spice things up, shake up your routine and try something new. But what if your partner is shy and feeling hesitant?

The unknown can be quite intimidating and we often hear from our Hedo virgins about how nervous they were when they first arrived and didn’t know what to expect. Help ease your SOs concerns with these four tips!


There are so many fun and exciting things to do at Hedonism II that your partner might not know about. Hedo was won numerous awards for our cuisine and no other all-inclusive resort in Jamaica can boast about the number of premium brands we serve at our bars. Delicious gourmet dining, mouth-watering top-shelf drinks, and an endless array of exciting activities and entertainment are yours for the taking. Gather a few new friends for a game of beach volleyball or giant chess! Hit up the gym or stop be the spa for a little R&R.


This first conversation is a crucial moment. How you approach the discussion can set the tone endless possibilities or none. Discuss your fantasies, what you’re nervous about and what you’d like to try together.
Avoid lingo like “polyamory,” “swinging,” or “nudist” as this often scares people off. Notions such as these that aren’t part of everyday vernacular can take on characteristics of mythical proportions.


What better way to tap into what you might expect than hearing it from other hedo virgins?

“First-timers – blown away! We’ll be back!
We saw a brochure for Hedonism II a few years ago and were intrigued by its “Pursue pleasure” and “Be wicked for a week” slogans. So we finally took the plunge and arrived as Hedo virgins. The bottom line is… we loved it and we may never vacation anywhere else again.

We knew about the nude side and the prude side. We got a room on the nude side, but agreed that we’d try out the prude beach/pool first and see how comfortable we felt. Well, as one of concierges, Caura, gave us a tour of the property on the way to our room, we saw a few nude couples, clearly totally comfortable in their own skin. By the time we got to our excellently appointed room, we had already decided to just go for it and head to the nude side. We were amazed at how natural it felt to just step out of our room and onto the beach amidst all the other guests…”

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