Whether you’re partying with new friends or meeting up with long-time playmates, getting the mood going can set the tone for the remainder of the night. From ice breakers to games like sex dice or strip poker, a fun and naughty game can be the perfect way to get to know each other and get the party started. Search Amazon for “sex games” or take a trip to your local adult store and you will find there is no shortage of board games, cards games and toys that encourage trying new positions, sharing naughty secrets and getting naked. For a more spontaneous or DIY approach, we’ve put together a fun list of 3 classic party games for your next swinger social.


1. Secret Sticker Game

This flirty game favors the creative and daring. The rules are simple! Divide the group into two teams. Give half of each team a sheet of stickers for them to discreetly stick somewhere hidden on their body. The stickerless teammates must search for the hidden stickers, removing clothes if necessary. The team to find all the stickers first wins! But if you ask us, everyone wins.


2. Spin the Bottle

This classic middle school game requires only an empty bottle and willing participants. Spin the bottle and see who the bottle neck points towards. Players can choose to kiss, spank, lick or suck their partners or risk punishment which could be removing an article of clothing, truth or dare or take a drink!


3. Strip Chess

Strip poker, strip jenga, strip twister…with enough imagination you can turn almost any game into a stripping soirée. If you find yourself at Hedonism II, where every encounter has the potential to turn into a sexy good time, what better way to challenge friends to a battle of wits than giant chess? Remove an article of clothing each time your Knight, Bishop, or Rook is captured. Lose your Queen and lose all your clothes!