Ok, ok, we said last year would be your year but hear me out-things can only go up from here! If 2021 left you high and dry, this year is going to bring the heat. And however spicy you like it, Hedo’s got just the thing for you.


(March 21-April 19)
Like your sign signifies, you are FIRE. And this is your year to be your spontaneous, fiery self. You’re not one for the mundane so if 2021 was a snooze fest then this is your sign. Book that trip. You know the one. You’re ready for some new adventures this year so there’s no time like the present to step it up and bring that energy with you.
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(April 20-May 20)
You start this year with your ruler Venus in retrograde but that won’t stop you from getting your plans into motion. You crave stability and commitment, but the Aquarius full moon in August might just pull you out of your comfort zone. This is the perfect time for a little exploration. Maybe dabble in a new kink? Check out that naughty night club you’ve been so curious about?
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(May 21-June 20)
You have a big, fast paced personality and everybody knows it! This year begins with your ruler Mercury being in retrograde. Usually that’s a low blow, but not for you Gemini. You always see the bright side and you’re gonna flip this slump into something exciting.
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(June 21-July 22)
OK, so maybe you’re known for being a little intense. But this year you’re going to focus on self care. Get in touch with some unmet needs or desires. Who says you can’t have a little fun while nurturing yourself?
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(July 23-August 22)
You love being the center of attention and life of the party. This is your year to go big or go home. Make your birthday a summer long celebration. Clothing optional.
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(August 23-September 22)
You’re as goal oriented as they come and this year you have your sights set on some big ones. Goals, that is. It doesn’t have to be all business though. Add some sexy goals to that list, you deserve it.
#hedogoals: Dare to try something new. Scuba diving, anyone?


(September 23-October 22)
Did 2021 feel off balance for you? The sign of the scales, Libra’s are drawn to balance and fairness. This year things start to align a little more, especially in your sex life.
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(October 23-November 21)
2022 is a deep dive in self awareness for Scorpios. Could this year provide a new sexual awakening? Your sexual energy will be heightened around your birthday when the sun travels with Scorpio-be sure to take full advantage.
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(November 22-December 21)
Sag is a fire sign and they bring the heat! This year it’s time to plan a grand adventure with the best group of friends.
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(December 22-January 19)
You tend to be very work driven, which isn’t a bad thing! But once Saturn retrograde occurs at the beginning of June, it will give you pause. A rarity for Caps. Use this time to treat yourself.
#hedogoals: Pack your journal and book yourself a massage. Couples if you’re traveling with a companion.


(January 20-February 18)
You get easily bored and if we’re being honest 2021 was a real snooze-fest. Shake things up this year by paying attention to your rebellious intuition. Utilize the energy when the sun passes through your sign around your birthday and plan something unique!
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(February 19-March 20)
The creative dreamer. Neptune may be in retrograde for the entire second half of this year, but that doesn’t have to cramp your style. Take some time to recharge that battery with a little solo love.
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