Sure, you can stick to boring resolutions like quitting coffee or hitting the gym more, but for the start of the new decade, why not set some resolutions you’ll be more than excited to keep? Need some sexy inspiration? Look no further as we’ve put together a 2020 Hedonist bucket list that will surely make the year to come one of the best yet!


1. Sex in Public

Be careful with this one as you don’t want to get into any trouble! The risk of getting caught can make the sex very passionate and fun!


2. Buy a New Toy

If you haven’t gone sex toy shopping in a while, you’ll be amazed at what sex toys can do these days. From inclusive toys to couples’ massagers and toys that use smart technology, sonic vibrations and ultra-realistic silicone, you’re bound to find something new and fun to try.


3. Roleplay


4. Re-enact Your Favorite Porn


5. Have a Threesome

Often on the top of many sex bucket lists is having a threesome. If you haven’t already, make this the year! Don’t forget to check out 3 Reasons to Have a Threesome at Hedonism II!


6. Try Bondage


7. Have a Sexy Photoshoot

Surprise your lover with an intimate set of photos that will keep them hot & bothered all year long!


8. Swing

Visit your local swinger club together and participate as much or as little as you want but have fun!


9. Be a Voyeur

Whether you’re at a sex party or your local swinger club, take a night to be a voyeur and watch other people play. Not only can this be a hot experience, but you may get inspired!


10. Have Sex in the Shower


11. Have Sex on Vacation

What’s a sexy bucket list without a trip to the best hedonistic place on earth? Visit our Sexy Specials page and book your 2020 retreat today!


12. Visit a Strip Club


13. Make Out for Over an Hour

When was the last time you kissed your partner for a long time without having sex? Next time you Netflix & chill, lock lips till they feel tingly and buzzy.


14. Have Fun with Whipped Cream

Incorporate whipped cream or honey for a sweet (and maybe a little sticky) sexy time you won’t soon forget.


15. Spank or Get Spanked


16. Have Sex in a Pool, Hot Tub or the Sea


17. Have Sex Blindfolded

Sensory deprivation can help heighten all your other senses, spice up you sex and even help you create a deeper sense of intimacy and trust with your partner.


18. Play a Sex Game

Silly, sexy and fun, sex games can bring out your competitive side and make you horny at the same time. Sounds like a good time to us!


19. Have Phone Sex


20. Fulfill Your Freakiest Fantasy (at HEDO, of course)!