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Between love languages, body language and internet acronyms, it’s pretty easy to get lost in translation. Since before the days of beepers (143, baby!) to today’s trending #hashtags, short codes, acronyms and slang have always been an integral part of creating unique ways for communities to converse. To help you go from a vanilla voice to a lusty linguist with an extensive sexicon, we’ve put together a some of our favorite terms and words you must know!


Often thought of as the opposite of jealousy, compersion is the feeling of joy and happiness someone feels as a result of watching their loved one have romantic or sexual pleasure from another person.

“I feel such great compersion when I see my husband having fun and enjoying himself in the Romping Shop at Hedo.”


A comet is a lover that occasionally passes through your life with no serious commitment

“One of my favorite things about returning to Hedo every year is getting to see comets!”

DADT Relationship:

Don’t ask, don’t tell relationship.

“Brenda and I agreed to being in a DADT when we travel separately.”

Swinger Soup:

When a hot tub or pool, usually at a resort is full of swingers.

“The nude side hot tub after 11PM has the hottest swinger soup action.”

Hedo Virgin:

A Hedo Virgin is a someone who still hasn’t been to Hedonism II in Negril.

“When I was a Hedo-virgin, I never thought I’d find my second home here at Hedo.”

Repeat Offender:

Repeat Offenders are guests that have stayed at Hedo at least six times.

“Now that I’m a repeat offender, I can’t wait to get my Club Hedo silver swag!”


A unicorn is an attractive bi-sexual single female that is excited to join a couple for a threesome.
“We woke up in our room this morning with a sexy unicorn we met at the foam party!”

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