Originally named Negril Beach Village when it opened back in 1976, Hedonism II has earned a legendary history as the world’s most iconic adult playground. A mecca for people that desire the pursuit of pleasure, this stretch of paradise on Seven Mile Beach continues to entice new generations of people interested in spending time at the best clothing-optional resort in the world.

Thinking about joining the fun? Here are 10 things you should know before you travel to Hedo:

1. Being Naked is Not Mandatory

That’s right! You can wear clothes if you want. Hedonism II is made up of a nude side and a clothing-optional side. Not to mention, common areas like the dining hall and restaurants do require clothing.

2. When You’re at Hedo, You’re Home

There’s a reason our guests come back time, and time again. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to first-class hospitality and superior 5-star service and want each guest to feel right at home.

3. You Will See People in the Buff

As a clothing-optional resort that caters to lifestyle-friendly guests, you can expect to see naked bodies for all ages, sizes and shapes on the beach and pool areas.

4. Hedo is a Judgment Free Zone for Everyone

Hedonism II welcomes and encourages people of ALL body types, genders, & backgrounds to come to our resort. Neither the staff at the hotel nor our other guests focus on what people look like. Your personality, open-mindedness and desire to have fun and make new friends is what matters most. There is always a very versatile mix of people at any given time at the resort, so no one ever needs to feel uncomfortable.

5. Every Night is a Party

Literally. From the piano bar to the nightclub to the entertainment, you can expect the chance to party very night. Each night is host to a unique theme like toga night, sports night, fetish night and more!

6. Consent & Respect is a Must

We take pride in fostering a safe and respectful environment where comfort, consent and respect is a priority. There is a zero-tolerance policy for disrespect and touching without permission.

7. Staying Hydrated is Key

With 6 fully stocked open bars equipped with top-shelf brands, it’s easy to lose count of how many rum punches you’ve had. But the last thing you want to do is miss out on all the late-night fun because you passed out! Remembering to drink water is a helpful way to keep the party going all day and night long.

8. Be Careful Not to Burn

While we’re on the subject of over-doing it… Don’t underestimate the power of the sweltering Jamaican sun. If you burn easily, make sure to pack sunscreen or stop by the gift shop to pick up a bottle of SPF. Nothing can put a damper on a fun trip like being sun-burnt and in pain.

9. Upgrades are Available

From specialty spa treatments like stone therapies and couples’ massages to private dining and exciting adventures like catamaran cruises and scuba diving, there are many amenities and extras you can indulge in.

10. There are Sexy Specials All Year Long

From the Laid Away program to our Wild Wednesday Sales, Military Discounts and Seasonal Promotions, there are always perks, promos and savings to take advantage of when you book directly on the Hedonism II website.