Hedonism II PresentsWellness Week

September 7, 2019 to September 14, 2019

Join us for a week of Wellness workshops designed with our Special Guest Instructors to help you get in touch with self while getting fit and exploring new avenues of spirituality, sensuality, physicality and sexuality.

Dr. Cari ONeal – Sexologist
Dr. Oneal has a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality with the emphasis on sexual well-being. The cornerstone of her practice is helping people master their inner game for sex. Master their mental, emotional AND physical bodies so they can fully participate in the sexual behaviors of their choice because a connection to your Sexual health creates a connection to your Mental, Physical & Emotional health. She specializes in teaching people how to deal with trauma, stories never told, taboos and sexual beliefs known and unknown. She also teaches sexual skill sets, relationship and intimacy dynamics, erotic play, and mindful sex. All the components that create sexual self-confidence. Join Cari for her special Sex Rx Courses which include:
• Lover’s Lab™ Playshop – Sexual skill sets are mastered through trial, error, practice, and a good sense of humor about yourself and your partner. Lovers Lab™ Protocol is a fun practice to illicit information about you, your desires, interests, preferences, skills, and your emotional and physical boundaries – and those of your lover in a non-threatening way.
• Optimum Sexual Well-being Over a Lifetime – Regardless of your age, gender, orientation(s), background, or even sexual proclivities these are the 11 core concepts that create sex worth wanting to have over a lifetime of change and the human condition. This is a proven model academically and in the field.
• Squirting – Squirting, also called female ejaculation, remains the premier and quite often elusive sexual skill set of interest for A LOT of lifestyle people!
• When to Say “Yes” and How to Say “No” – It’s a simple idea so why is it so hard to do in the field? Why don’t you ask for what you want? Why don’t you say “No” to offers you don’t want? Answer: Because it’s awkward and no one likes rejection plus few people have the skills to make it feel smooth.

Kama Sutra Palace – Tantric & Kama Sutra Specialists
Join our certified Hedonism team of instructors as they help you to discover the ancient secrets of the Art of Love, Eroticism and Desire at our new Kama Sutra Palace. Workshops will feature the art of Tantric Massage which is a deeply relaxing, energizing and awakening experience that increases your inner peace and joy of life. Tantric massage is a perfect boost to the pleasure of intimacy and is an opportunity to deepen the attraction within you whether as a couple or a single. Another workshop we are pleased to offer reveals the secret teachings of the famous Kama Sutra positions in their true authenticity for the ones who are ready and who dare to dive into a world containing the most extraordinary secrets of refined sensuality and pleasure.
Our Kama Sutra team will also be your guides for sunrise and sunset yoga sessions on the beach as we help you to reach your level of Zen.

Caleen – Relationship Coach
Hailing from Jamaica let’s explore the Fervida Experience with transformational coach (certified life and relationship coach)/motivational speaker Caleen Diedrick. Fervida is a series of workshops and dance classes that creates a safe space to empower women to begin or continue the journey into themselves. The Fervida class allows women to take a closer look at herself, tap into their sensuality, increase their sexual presence and fall even more in love with themselves. Workshops will also include Lap dance classes where Caleen uses movement in the form of sensual dance classes to help women better access their physical bodies, release their inhibitions and tap in their “temptress”.

Jared – Shibari Master
If you have an eye for bondage, you’ve probably noticed that some isn’t just functional; it’s also elaborate, stunning and beautiful. Come join Jared our master of the beautiful and ancient Japanese form of artistic bondage. Jared will be teaching 3 workshops which included:
* Rope 1: Bondage and rope work – Introduction into bondage to learn how to tantalize your partner though the art of rope. In this class you will learn the framework and fundamental understanding you need in order to tie someone.

* Rope 2: Introduction to rope play – This class will cover the safety aspect of different rope materials, which kind to use for different situations, and the pros and cons of each type.
• Vetting your partners: finding a rigger is one of the most important things in rope and can very easily go wrong, so finding a safe rigger, red flags to look out for, and how to keep yourself safe. Everyone should be aware of this information before getting tied. This class will go over necessary questions for safe play that you should expect from a rigger, negotiation before tying, and rules and expectations of the rope top and bottom.
• Nerve and vein awareness: in rope, pressure is placed on many areas of the body while one of the partners is often fully restrained, so it is important for both parties to have awareness of basic anatomy, and how to check in with the rope bottom to ensure no physical harm is happening.
• Aftercare: how to treat and care for partners after a rope session, and how to deal with “rope drop” which is a psychological state that can be brought on by the intensity of bondage experiences.

* Rope 3: This class will cover introduction to fundamental ties used in rope, the different styles of tying, and interaction. Making it fun is partner-specific! And we will go over why this is important. Topics will include:

• Progression though different ties and bindings, building up a repertoire and portfolio of usable harnesses, and hand and leg bindings gives the practitioners the confidence and skill to tie and play safely and enjoyably on their own.
• Floor work: how to maneuver your partner into different positions in play, how to create different energies within play.
• Play: the different types, understanding what people like and how to create that, and what people don’t like! Checking that the top and bottom style are in sync.
• Progressing to free play where you can tie independently with your partners in a fun safe environment

Heidi – Recreational Therapist
Heidi is a Recreation Therapist and certified Personal Trainer, Strategic Intervention Life Coach & Pilates Reformer instructor. Heidi is passionate about educating and supporting clients to achieve holistic health. She believes that understanding and learning resources to manage the mind body connection is the most important element for quality of life. Join Heidi daily for:
• 45-minute cycle classes: Ride the rhythm and feel high on life in this cardio interval based class sure to get your heart pumping and sweat flowing.
• 15-minute core: hit the most important muscles, your core! Focus on crunches, planks, hovers, leg lifts, and twists to strengthen all the layers of your core.
• 30-minute water aerobics: super fun dance class in the water. The music will motivate you to get your groove on and celebrate being outside and on vacation!

Kevin – Fitness Guru
Meet Jamaica’s very own CEO of One Love Rebellion /Motivational Speaker / Transformational Leader /Fitness Guru / Natural Healer / Love Worker /Wrestler – 2018 Commonwealth Games Participant – First to officially represent Jamaica in International Competition, Kevin Wallen. Join Kevin as he uses the Japanese technique of slapping and stretching to help the body increase blood flow to any part that is ailing. The stretches help men get and sustain better erections and helps women to open up for better energy flow. During his workshops he will teach you how the more one is able to go in and connect with the breath and movements of the breath the more one will be able to raise their pain threshold in a way that will allow you to stay in the stretch long enough for gravity to gradually pull you out and realign your body and improve your posture while seeking to remove aches and pains from the body as well as increase blood flow the your organs and brain.

Acasia – Shamanatrix
Join our Pole Dancer & Dominatrix of Sensuality Acasia as she takes you through various classes designed to create art and self-expression through body movement. Acasia’s workshops will include
• Striptease & Lap dance
• Sensual Floorwork
• Poledance 101
• Impact Play and Aftercare

Steve – Body Tempering/Strength Coach
Steve is owner and creator of BenchBlokz, a revolutionary bench press product in use internationally. A former Law Enforcement Officer, SWAT Team member, and a U.S. Army Veteran, Steve is a competitive power lifter, a strength coach, and is certified in Body Tempering; a unique Myofascial Release technique. Steve will be offering 30-minute sessions in lifting technique and also Myofascial Release during our Wellness Week.

Sandra – Fitness Instructor
Join Sandra for her special custom created fitness classes called Extreme Fix which are a 30-min intense workouts consisting of a warm up, stretching, upper or lower body strengthening with weights, core and then a finishing stretch again. Sandra will also be doing indoor & outdoor Pilates mat classes and Yoga during our Wellness Week.

Tim & Tammy – The Squirtinators
Tim & Tammy have put together a plethora of information on female sexuality and techniques from all over the world that will help women to understand and get the most out of every sexual encounter. There is something here for everyone even the most experienced. Come with us on our informative light hearted, fun exploration of the facts and myths surrounding human sexuality and female ejaculation.

Jeffrey Green – Beach Tennis
Love tennis, well we bring you a fun twist to getting fit with Jeffrey’s Beach Tennis classes. Jeffrey is established tennis pro who has formerly been ranked No. 1 USTA Eastern Section Mixed Doubles (2006), Ranked player, USTA Eastern Section Men’s 50 and Over Singles with top ranking of No. 5 (2006-2010), Ranked No. 4 USTA Eastern Section Men’s 35 and Over One-on-One Doubles (2011), Ranked No. 36 in U.S. BTUSA Men’s Pro Beach Tennis (2011)

Ramona Riley – ‘The Vagina Lady’
From Kingston, Jamaica meet Ramona who specializes in all thing vagina, how to tighten, Yoni massage, how to keep your womb performing at optimum levels and how to decrease your period to a day or two. Join her in her everything Vagina workshops.

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