Hedonism II PresentsKandiLand Wonderland

August 21, 2021 to August 29, 2021

For the week of August 21-29, 2021 there will be a change in the Theme Night costumes. Please refer to the below for updated schedule.


Welcome to our 4th annual KandiLand Wonderland event, a week of wicked nightly costume theme parties & fun daytime activities all hosted by over 40 Playmates, Kandy Doll Models, Exotic Male Dancers, Guest DJ’s, Bodypainters & more. *Regular hotel theme nights will be changed for this week * For DISCOUNTED RATES CLICK THE KANDILAND PRICE BOX. You MUST be booked DIRECTLY ONLINE with us (not thru a 3rd party or group or TA) to get ACCESS to ALL the parties & you MUST be in costume to enter ALL the nightly theme parties. The week will feature such treats as the Win-A-Date with a Playmate Charity Auction, the Kandy Krush beach part, a Wet T-Shirt Contest, the BodyPalooza Bodypainting Carnival, the Nude International Showgirl, Pole & Burlesque Star live stage show, the Win-A-Date with a Playmate Charity Auction, the Sexual Seductions Strip-O-Thon showcase featuring the Kandy Boys of Kink & the Slick Vixens Oil Wrestling show then root for your favorite girl as the Playmates battle the Kandy Dolls, & the Nude Showgirls during the live Ms. Kandy Doll Bikini Contest. This is one simply delicious event you don’t want to miss!

Book Now See theme night schedule below


  • Saturday Aug 21st – Welcome To KandiLand Wonderland – Dress Code: All White
  • Sunday Aug 22nd – Kamp Kandy Sports Night – DRESS CODE IDEAS: Come dressed as your favorite Cheerleader, Jock, Referee, or Sports Team
  • Monday Aug. 23rd – Sugar Thrillz – Dress Code: Bright candy colors, neon’s, pastel or furry inspired. Bubblegum Princesses, LOL fans and Doll Kill girls this is your night to shimmer & shine.
  • Tuesday – Aug. 24th – Time Traveler’s Ball DRESS CODE IDEAS: Are you a Saint or Sinner? Maybe you fancy the retrofuturistic version of both the Wild West and  the Victorian Era of SteamPunk. Maybe you prefer the         classics of the Wild West days of Cowboys, Cowgirls, Indians, Saloon Girls,  Can-Can Dancers, Sheriffs & Bandits. Or do you prefer to be from the time        period of Nefertiti, a Centurion, a Centaur, Caesar, a Gladiator, Cleopatra, a Mummy, Pharaoh, a God, a Greek Goddess or Roman Emperor or Empress. Perhaps you want to push the boundaries and be a naughty Disney Character. How about recreating some of the world’s greatest Pleasure Seekers (Marquis De Sade, Don Juan, Casanova, John Gatsby, Rhett Butler, Vampire Lestat, Count Dracula, Marie Antoinette, Madam Butterfly, Cleopatra, Jessica Rabbit, Marilyn Monroe). Either delight you chose, tonight let’s flashback or fast forward or be present and come as your favorite   naughty or nice Alter Ego, or Celebrity Icon. Best costume wins a prize.
  • Wednesday Aug 25th Kandy Doll’s Pyjama Slumber Party – DRESS CODE IDEAS: Lingerie, Fetish, Jock Straps, Onesie’s, wear a Bed sheet or strap a mattress to your back, stockings & suspenders, corsets, boxers, briefs, baby dolls, whatever your pleasure, just NO REGULAR clothes allowed…no PJ’s no DJ.
  • Thursday Aug 26th – SuperHero’s vs. Villains – DRESS CODE IDEAS: Are you a DC or Marvel Comics fan? Are you Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, maybe you’re Hellboy, The Phantom, The Incredibles, or Agent Smith vs. Neo. Maybe you are Hannibal Lecter vs. Clarice, or Ursula vs. Ariel, the Queen of Hearts, Charlie’s Angels, a Kill Bill Character or maybe you fancy a little Pulp Fiction, or Aladdin, Pocahontas, Indiana Jones, whichever one you choose let the battle begin. Best costume wins a prize. *Bodypainters will be available for an additional cost*
  • Friday Aug. 27th – “BodyPalooza Bodypainting Carnival” – DRESS CODE IDEAS: Bodypaint, Carnival Costumes, Showgirl costume, Glitter, Glow or Feathers & Beads. *Bodypainters will be available for an additional cost*
  • Saturday Aug. 28th Studio 54 – Tonight we’re taking you back to the late 70’s, a decade of glitter, platform shoes, big hair and fashion mistakes that seemed so right at the time. When if you owned stock in Aqua Net, you         were a millionaire. When seeing a beautiful lady riding through the club on a white horse was considered “normal”. So get your roller boogie and disco         dance moves ready. Best Costume wins a prize. DRESS CODE IDEAS: Pimps & Hoes, Afro’s, Bell Bottoms, Velvet Jumpsuits, Shiny Satin, Platform Shoes, Farrah Fawcett Hair or Drag Queens. *Bodypainters will be available for an additional cost*



Win-A-Date with a Playmate Silent Auction – Place your bids to win a cruise with your favorite girls or group of girls on the Kandy Doll Charity Auction Catamaran Party Cruise sailing on Thursday morning. Your winning bid also includes a personal VIP dinner table at our Gala beach Carnival event on Friday night as well as access to the Kandy Doll VIP lounge during the Kandy Dolls Pyjama Party and the KandiLand finale party. Winners will be announced on Wednesday evening at our sensuous Cocktails & Mocktails mixer. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Hedo Foundation. Bidding Charts will be located in lobby from Sat Aug. 21 – Wed. Aug 25th 3PM.

Wednesday  Aug 25th

  • 1PM – Battle of the Sexes Beach Olympics
  • 7:30 PM – Cocktails & Mocktails Dinner Party – Main Pool Deck Join our sirens of song Catarina & Stephanie for an session of soulful tunes, a sexy Fashion Show featuring our talent Bodypaint Artists, a special drink mixology lesson with our talented Hedo bartenders and our Guest Flairtender and . We will be announcing the Auction winners here.
  • 9PM – Kandy Doll’s Slumber Party with special guest feature entertainment

Thursday Aug 26th

  • 10:30AM – Kandy Doll Catamaran Party Cruise – Join us on the Catamaran for our special combo cruise where you get to enjoy the beautiful Negril coastline as we set sail to explore secret caves with a snorkeling adventure, plus we will stop at the world famous Rick’s Cafe to watch some cliff diving or just chill on the deck listening to Reggae rhythms while sipping a refreshing cocktail or enjoying our smorgasbord of treats, the choices are endless. Reserve by visiting our Tour Desk upon arrival. *Additional Cost* or Bid in the Charity Auction before 11am Wednesday to win your golden ticket
  • 6PM – KandiLand’s Sexual Seductions Strip-O-Thon Showcase – Kama Sutra Palace – Buy your tickets for this outrageous private party where you get to watch the sexiest strip-offs up close and personal. Our Ms Nude Showgirls and the Kandy Boys of Kink will be stripping it all off for your pleasure as long as you got those Dollaa$$ bills flowing. Then get ready as the Slick Vixens make you wanna get down & dirty with their oil wrestling show. It’s going to be smokin’ hot so bring those $$$ bills ya’ll – *Additional Cost*

Friday Aug. 27th

  • 1PM – Miss KandiLand Bikini Contest
  • 7PM Auction Winners VIP Kandy Doll dinner – Prude Beach
  • 8:30PM“BodyPalooza” Fantasy Carnival featuring Guest DJ and special performances

Saturday Aug. 28th

  • 1:30PM – Kandy Krush Foam & Pool Party featuring the Wet T-Shirt Contest and Guest DJ
  • 8PM – The Nude Showgirl, Pole & Burlesque Star Contest
  • 10PM – Boogie Nights After Party featuring Special Guest DJ’s





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