Fluffernutters Nude Winter Takeover 2014

February 21, 2014 to March 1, 2014


Last year (2013) we were able to book over 200 rooms (251)and the whole resort was NUDE. This year, Hedonism II is allowing us to advertise upfront that the whole resort will be nude for our trip! How it works is the nude side stays nude and the “prude” side becomes “clothing optional”. The main pool was HAWT last winter and this winter we will once again feature “FLUFFERDECK” the ultimate pool party – where we transform the main pool area into an under the stars, party like a rock star night club. Full details of all events , special guests and theme parties will be released later this summer – but as anyone who has been during a Fluffernutter week you know that it will be a FUN, Kewl, week with all kinds of extra events.


Value added, we do SO many extra things to take Hedo II to the “next level”. Let us name a few. For starters, once again in 2014 we will upgrade the piano bar – so that it will have many flavored vodkas (citron, orange, ruby red, apple, etc), chambord, Makers Mark, Macellan 12 yr old single malt, CASES and CASES of Red Bull, sugars and a speciality drink, each and every night. We take your requests for many different kinds of drinks and do our best to stock the bar for you.

The CockNTail Party ™ is the best welcome party ever – with thousands of dollars in giveaways and the food they put out! Lamb chops, sliced tenderloins on toast with horseradish – etc.

The “BOX” of goodies – we send out a 4 pound box of surprise goodies at no charge – custom hats, shirts, drink containers and many extras.

Entertainment – We bring in our piano player and or other entertainment during the week to help make sure the place is lively and FUN! We have many special events – some that only happen during a “Fluff” week. We also feature DJBob and his 30,000 legal sound library and 10,000 music videos. Astronomer Bob and others.

The Pirate Cruise (limited capacity) is a crazy, fun, fun, fun sunset event that many proclaim as being the “best afternoon of their lives”. This is limited capacity and we do our best to fit on as many as we can.

Special Theme nights – all listed and explained in our 15 page itinerary that is sent out…PLUS…when you book with Fluffernutters you get access to the private side of the web site – where you can see the photo galleries of previous trips and parties, those who are going with you and have decided to post photos, discussion and forum areas and live chat (starts 7 weeks before each trip).

AND now on any Fluffernutter trips – THREE !!!!!! FLUFFERDECK POOL PARTIES!

And of course … Access to the private side of the Fluffernutters Web Site where there is an active community ready to meet you well in advance of the trip – a fun place with upbeat positive discussions in the forum area, photo galleries of past trips and current ones and of course our live chat nights (7 weeks before each trip).

The best rooms, the extra events and the community are only available to those booking here with Fluffernutters!

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