Ebony Love Fest Hedonism

Ebony Love Fest

July 15, 2016 to July 20, 2016

The Sexiest and Most Erotic Lifestyle Take Over of 2016!!! A joint collaboration with various independent, established lifestyle groups and on premise clubs from multiple cities around the US. Our Mission is to provide like minded couples and singles with opportunities to meet others having common personal and lifestyle interests. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who travels with us, is introduced to someone new, and outside of their normal circle of LS friends. Our events and games will be designed to create social interaction amongst travelers, and seminars will cover topics of interest to the Swinging, Poly, Bi and Swingle (Swinging Single) lifestyles. After completion of “Ebony Love Fest”, we want you as a departing guest to leave Jamaica, appreciating the new friendships and beautifully exotic memories created during your 6 Day 5 Night stay.

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