Cocktails Flyer take 2

Cocktails International and the Freaky Family

July 15, 2018 to July 22, 2018

Hello fellow Hedonite,
Cocktails International and the Freaky Family are sure to have a blast every year. Beginning with a heartfelt welcome and gift bag upon arrival to a rump roarious farewell on moon hill. Cocktails/Freaky week has several planned optional parties that you as a guest may participate in. Our members vary in age – 20 to 65, Size – little to not so little, experience – never been publicly naked to full on swinger. We welcome and accept everyone. Many long lasting friendships have been made at Hedo over the years and while we only have the one annual trip our members often get together in the states. We are a group that is focused on having a great time and making the most of our vacation. If you are interested in traveling with us or if you have any questions we would be honored to make your acquaintance and help. Please go to or visit for more information.

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