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Char Travel’s One Love Event

November 3, 2018 to November 10, 2018

Let’s get together again for the Char Travel One Love event at Hedonism II.

This annual Char Travel event is all about bringing together everyone who likes to have a care-free sexy time in the Caribbean sun, with a cocktail in your hand and your toe’s in Jamaican sand. This is for all the fun-loving free spirits who like to experience the warmth of Jamaica – both the sun and the atmosphere. We are going to perfectly blend a mix of traditional Jamaican culture, food, music, art and atmosphere with a modern fun, sexy flair. Old friends and new acquaintances coming together to create a good time.

Come be a part of this experience and celebrate the Jamaica we adore, the resort we love with the people who know how to party.

Contact Char Travel to get in on the fun:
Pone – 215–321-4451
Website –
Email – [email protected]

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