You always remember your first time, right? Excitement, nervousness and anticipation fight for dominance on your skin against the tingling warmth of Caribbean sun. You made it to Jamaica. Past customs, past the bus ride to the resort, You’re finally here. Feelings of bouncy eagerness wash over you.

Now what?

Pick up an Event & Entertainment Schedule at the Front Desk

Beach volleyball, costume contests, pool games, cabaret shows – there is always something thrilling going on at Hedonism II and the Event & Entertainment Schedule is your ticket to being in-the-know. Attending events is the best way to get to know people and make friends. You’d be surprised at just how sexy a game of giant chess or trivia can get! To get the skinny on theme nights, beach activities, evening events, dining schedules and more, remember to get an Event Schedule at the front desk when you arrive.

Pro-Tip: There is a Daily Hotel Orientation that meets in the lobby twice a day at 10:30AM and 5:00PM. This is a great way to discover all that Hedonism II has to offer including the gym, spa, restaurants and more.


Break-out the SPF & an Insulated Tumblr Cup

The sun can get pretty sweltering in Negril which can mean painful sunburns and warm drinks. Make sure you pack a strong sunscreen and remember to apply generously throughout the day. Getting spanked can be less than enjoyable if your bum is lobster-red and you feel like you’re molting. So, this is a must-do for Hedo virgins and repeat-offenders alike!

A lot of guests also bring insulated tumblers. Bartenders are glad to mix your favorite drink in your tumbler and this help keep your drink cooler, longer. With sunscreen and a cold drink in hand, you are good to go!


Forge Your Own Fantasy

The most frequent concern Hedo virgin have is regarding what to expect and the pressure to participate or go nude. Hedonism II is a No-Pressure, No-Judgement Zone. Your trip can be as wild or as tame as you wish. This is your time to forge your own fantasy and enjoy the possibilities without the fear of being groped or going nude against your will. At Hedonism II, you will find people of all body shapes and backgrounds, just like you would back at home. So, if you want to wander over to the nude side, welcome! But rest-easy knowing you always have the option.

Want to sip pina coladas by the pool all day and dance your heart out all night? Go for it! Want to host an orgy in your room or play publicly in The Romping Shop till the sun comes up? That works too! Do what you want, when you want and with whom you want. What is Hedonism if not the pursuit of pleasure?


Say Hello to Staff

You’d be hard-pressed to find a friendlier resort staff than that of Hedonism II. Whether it’s the front desk staff, bartenders, chefs or entertainment team, you will be greeted with warm, welcoming enthusiasm and the occasional “Allright” to get you in the island spirit.

Getting acquainted with staff members can help you discover great tips and recommendations, fun things to do and more. When the staff at Hedonism II finds outs you’re a Hedo virgin, you will be astounded and how fervently they go out of their way to ensure your trip is simply magical.


Unplug and Unwind

You’re on vacation! Don’t risk letting sunsets or flirtatious glances go unnoticed because you have your nose stuck in a phone. It’s not often you get to disconnect from devices so take full advantage of the safe in your room to lock up your electronics. Leave work at home and revel in paradise. But fear not, wifi is available and complimentary just in case the real world beckons.