The term “hotwife” refers to a married woman who has sexual relations with different men, with the approval and often encouragement of her husband who may or may not also be interested in watching or even participating. As a subset of the swinging community, hotwifing has been steadily increasing in popularity and has even become one of the highest searched categories in porn.

From increased emotional intimacy to better sex and higher self-esteem, there are countless benefits to hotwifing for many couples. Spend a few minutes on the Hedo community page or social media and you’ll quickly learn that hotwifing is an ongoing topic of conversation for guests at Hedonism II. As a sex-positive lifestyle resort, here are 3 reasons why Hedonism II is heaven for hotwifes and their hubbies.

1. Couples & Singles are Welcome

Unlike other adult resorts that are couples only, Hedonism II welcomes single guests which means the chances of finding the right bull for wifey are higher. The key to meeting like-minded people is to socialize and be friendly. Although there are no guarantees, mingle at the piano bar, nude hot tub and nude beach and stay open-minded!

2. The Romping Shop Playroom

Open from 10:30PM to 3AM, the Romping Shop Playroom is open to couples, single women and invited single men. Made for play, this enclave located beyond the courtyard is a mecca where sexual fantasies and hotwifing scenarios come to life. Remember, what happens in the Romping Shop stays in the Romping Shop!

3. Jamaica’s Playground

Between the award-winning cuisine, top-shelf open bars and breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, Hedonism II is a lush tropical playground with a sensual and carefree atmosphere that gives you the opportunity to live your fantasies to the fullest. As a judgement-free zone where the chance for fun lies around every corner, it’s no wonder why Hedonism II is a little slice of heaven on earth for hotwifes.