12 scotch bonnets (seeded)
2 bunchs escallion
1 kg onion
8 cup soya sauce
4 oz ginger (peeled)
12 pimento seeds (crushed)
1 carrot (small)
12 oz corn oil
2 oz brown food coloring
2 tbsp salt free chicken seasoning

Blend all the ingredients adding the oil last so as not to emulsify. For best results, the meats should be marinated overnight.
When it comes time to cook you should parcook the meat in the oven for approximately 20 minutes.
To finish off using a bar be cue with wood chips (hickory or pimento flavored) or charcoal brickettes. The smoking effect adds to the flavor. While you are char grilling have a mixture of half water and half beer that you periodically sprinkle over the meat. You cannot put too much as this keeps the meat moist. Once the meat is thoroughly cooked. Enjoy!!
Please note that if you would like the meat more or less spicy the amount of scotch bonnets can be modified, and if you love the heat leave in the seeds.