Happy Ho – Ho Holidays from Hedonism II

Santa Claus’s naughty list gets more than coal for Christmas. At Hedonism II, we only find the most lustful, forbidden items underneath our trees. Whether you are spending the holidays at home or at our adult only resort, these stocking-stuffers will help you reach your big ho-ho-ho.

Just-In-Case Compact

You never know when you or your partner is in the holiday spirit, so it is key to constantly be quickie-ready. This small compact is perfectly suited to blend into the average makeup bag or purse, but it hides a scandalous secret. Discretely stash a condom in this item’s hidden compartment and keep it at the ready, just in case the mood strikes.

Position of the Day Expert Playing Cards

With 52 sex positions ranging from the easy and intimate to the wild and acrobatic, this deck of sexy playing cards is a gift that keeps on giving. Try a new card for each of the twelve days of Christmas or the eight days of Hanukah. Shuffle your sex life every week by drawing a card once a month, once a week, or even once a day.

Incognito Droplet Necklace

There is truly nothing sexier than hiding—and flirting—in plain sight. This droplet necklace adds a touch of refined elegance to any holiday outfit, but behind closed doors it can be used for a more titillating purpose. In addition to functioning as jewelry, this fine metal piece doubles as a pair of nipple vibrators. When your necklace catches your lover’s eye from across the room, they will know you two will soon engage in the ultimate lustful experience.

Massage Candle

Appeal to your senses of smell and touch with this arousing candle. Subtle, scented candles bring romance and allure to any room. Once this candle melts, however, you can use the warm, aromatic wax to ignite new excitement.

Treat yourself this holiday season by bringing these small items along to our adult only resort. We at Hedonism II cannot hardly wait to celebrate with you.

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