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6 Sexy Tips to Hook Up at Hedo

Longing for a sexy adventure? A kinky vacation fling? We know few things are hotter than a titillating tryst at Hedo. Here are our expert tips on how to increase your chances of scoring at Hedo. 1. Don’t Have Expectations If you have a bunch of expectations, you’ll be so focused of fulfilling them that … Continued

Serving Up Farm-to-Fork Freshness at Hedonism II

At Hedonism II, we pride ourselves on our commitment to bringing in the finest ingredients from local farm communities straight to our guests’ tables. In addition to our support for surrounding local farm communities, we operate our own garden that offers up organic vegetables and herbs for our kitchen and private dinner use.

Hedonism II launches GO GREEN Initiative

Go Green with Hedonism! Today we announced our “GO GREEN Initiative”, in part to appeal to travelers who are looking for (greener holidays and seek out) accommodations that share their attitudes towards environmental responsibility and energy conservation, hence greener holidays.

What Does Your Career Say About Your Sex Life

  Who you are in the boardroom may say a lot about your personal preferences in the bedroom. However, because so many of us try to leave work at work, we often overlook the connections! Find out what your career says about your love life! Practical Workers For those careers that are more practical—for instance, … Continued

The Top 5 Reasons to Embrace Your Birthday Suit

When was the last time you took the weight off of your shoulders? The simple act of shrugging off your clothes can help you strengthen your fertility, improve your complexion, and smooth your skin.

Chat with Us! Live Chat Now Available Across Our Website

Is this your first time visiting an adult only resort? If so, you can have your questions answered through our website’s new online chat feature! Live help is now available from our friendly customer service representatives to anyone interested in the Hedonism II experience.

Extend the Pleasure With our Hedonism Community Site

Hedonism II is complementing its resort experience with an online community allowing guests to connect before they arrive at the resort. Members can ensure a full experience during their stay by making friends before they even arrive, while enjoying many other benefits.

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